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Many things can cause your printer to not print your desired object or subject. But if you are trying to print something and your printer display “Printer Offline”, then keep reading this article as it would guide you throughout the process of solving this issue. There are many ways by which you can solve this problem and get back to printing whatever it was that you were printing.

How to fix the offline problem in windows?

In case, your device is running on windows, then you have the option to resolve this problem easily by using one of its built-in features. This built-in feature allows you to toggle between both the offline and online mode so that you can get your brother printer back again online for putting it into use.

but if this doesn’t work, then you might have to make some required changes to resolve this issue. These required changes would most probably have to take place in the printer setup and installation to bring the proper functionality back of the printer back.

Ways to bring back the brother printer online.

There are many ways to bring your brother’s printer back online but all of them have to be followed properly for them to show the desired results.

These different troubleshooting methods can help your printer get back online without having causing any other malfunctions it. So, the ways to bring your brother printer back online are as follows:

  • Click on the start button on your computer and then type in “devices and printers” in the search bar.
  • Right-click on the optional button that appears displaying devices and printers.
  • Click to see what’s printing option was opened from the right-click made of the devices and brothers optional button.
  • Click on the printer option in the opened window and then look for the checkmark that will be in the front of the Use Offline button. Remove that checkmark by clicking on it.
  • Do a trial print run to check whether or not it is working. If it still does not work then move on to the next step.
  • Perform the basic troubleshooting method. This method includes turning off the printer and then removing all the printer’s cable connections from your computer.
  • Press the start button for two minutes while plugging in all the required cables back again.
  • Then press the start button once again to start your printer.

Another reason for your brother for not getting back online could be because the computer was confused between two similar printer offline icons being listed in the Devices and Printers section.

This is caused because of your device being compared to another similar printer driver more than once which would have now caused it problem in differentiating between the two. find more information on how to connect brother printer to wifi network

Reason for your brother printer being offline even when it’s online

There are thousands of reports made by windows users that the brother printer is offline even when it is displaying that it is online. This is an error that is very common and can be sorted out easily by following some common methods.

But this does cause a lot of problems to the user as they often get confused and frustrated because of the printer not being online even though they are properly connected and fully operational.

This most often happens in the printers that work with the means of wi-fi network connections. But this is not much of a problem as following the basic troubleshooting method can easily relieve your device from this problem.

you can also use the brother printer default password and username to login to the brother console to manage the settings.

This troubleshooting method is quite easy and can resolve the problem that is in front of us. The ways to properly perform this troubleshooting method are:

  • Click on the start button on your desktop and right-click on the small screen that will pop up just after you click the start button.
  • Click on the “devices and printers” option.
  • Now, look for your printer model.
  • After finding it, right-click on it
  • Then click on the “see what’s printing”.
  • Reset the printer by the means of the basic troubleshooting methods. 
  • Click on “set as default” and perform a trial print to check whether it worked or not.

Is your brother’s printer connected to wi-fi but offline on windows?

The brother printer that you are using can often be connected to all the required connections but still display on your windows device that it is offline. This can be because of many basic reasons.

This issue can easily be resolved with the means of basic troubleshooting methods that are going to be stated later.

You can also check out more methods on printer offline fix and related guides.

This issue is one of the minor ones that occur mainly due to improper setup of the whole setup itself. Before starting any troubleshooting by following the stated ways, make sure to check that the brother is powered on and has no such other errors that may be causing it to malfunction.

After doing that, the ways by which you can perform troubleshooting for bringing your printer back online are as follows:

  • Check the LED light of the brother printer. Do this to check that the printer is turned on or not.
  • Also, check the plugin which your machine is plugged into and the power supply that it is getting. As the printer won’t be able to properly function without it.
  • Ensure that no messages are flashing on your screen due to having any issue with the printer such as paper being jammed up or ink or toner being empty and unable to carry out the required process.
  • Now, check and confirm that your wireless access points are properly set up.
  • Check the SSID of your device’s connected wireless network and its wireless network key. You might have to contact your service provider to receive that information.
  • Make sure to reduce the distance between the brother distance and the router to get a better network connection.
  • Press on the Menu 
  • Click on Network and then press Ok
  • Select the Setup Wizard and press Ok.
  • Then click on the triangle that will be getting displayed on the screen.
  • Press OK. If the report of WLAN starts getting printed along with the wireless signal indicator on your home screen getting lit up, then your printer is connected and online. Therefore, ready to print.

After performing all these tasks, perform a trial print to see whether or not your device is able to print anything. If not, then you might have to now contact your printer’s respective support executive.

As they will provide you with the best solutions for your problem and would make sure that your device gets back on printing things properly again.

you can also reset the brother printer to default settings and perform the Brother printer wifi setup from start.


Many offline issues can come with your brother’s printer but none of them are too complicated for you to not be able to solve them with some basic troubleshooting methods and the methods that are stated above in this article.

All the problems that are stated above have also got their solutions covered and most probably the results will be the same for you as they have been for many others that have also followed and referred to these solutions based on their results for them.